Reinventing Oneself

This blog was written by my Mentor Coach during my training to become a Life Coach. She has an interesting take on Reinventing Oneself. 

How Does One Reinvent One
self at the Mid-Life Stage?

by Nan Einarson

I don’t think it’s a reinvention so much as it is a deep dive into recognition – a recognition of your authentic self and who you really are. I find it very interesting that we ask ourselves “what do I want to be when I grow up?” rather than, “what do I want to do?”

At mid-life, we tend to start looking back on what we have been, done and have up to that point in life and also start looking forward toward what we want to be, do and have with the remainder of our lives. We tend to start focusing on our life purpose. Have we lived our life purpose so far, and if not, what would it look like for us to live our life purpose from now on?

It’s probable that up to mid-life, we have done what we needed to do and have focused ourselves on “doing” what was necessary for us to accomplish our early life goals – find a mate, buy a house, have children and/or pets, buy “stuff” that we thought would make us happy, etc. By mid-life we start to realize that quality of life is not about having “stuff.” It’s about relationships and values and how we show up in the world. Life becomes more about “personal fulfillment” and our focus shifts away from inward/our own needs and starts to look outward/towards others’ needs.

Think about when you were a child – what did you want to be then, when you grew up? How did you envision yourself in the world when you were young? What impact did you see yourself making? Is there a way for you to have that impact now? Perhaps not in the same way you envisioned yourself when you were a child – perhaps in a different way, but making a similar difference in the world?

Living life purposefully, mindfully and intentionally means creating a vision for our lives. It means acting deliberately, in alignment with our stated goals, values and priorities. It means taking the time to focus, meditate, recharge and express gratitude and pausing to experience life and all its joys, wonders and love.

In mid-to-later life, we tend to focus more on the “being” part of life than on the “doing” that consumed our younger selves. If your life were to end right now, what regrets might you have? It’s not too late to change it. Start now, doing and being what it takes for you to live a life without regrets.

You won’t be reinventing yourself. You’ll be finding yourself.


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I am a retired Emeritus Professor at the University of South Florida and own my own Personal/Life Coaching business. I can and do coach anyone; however, my specialty is coaching retired professionals and those who are contemplating retirement.

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