Who can you trust to help you achieve a more balanced, comfortable life?

I can tell you how trustworthy I am, but that doesn’t mean much of anything. To trust me, or not, you must get to know me; at least to some degree. Trust is gained or lost by what we do, not necessarily by what we say.  

Trust is a vital component in all healthy relationships. Without trust a relationship is, at best, in jeopardy; and at worst, doomed. We all have several types of relationships: partner, parent, friend, child, employee, boss, client, patient, sibling, etc.

So who can you trust to help you deal with an issue that is causing frustration, discomfort or even pain? If you could just discover how to reduce or eliminate the problem blocking you from moving forward, your life could be more comfortable, more enjoyable.

Here are the five steps to manage or solve a problem:  

  1.  Identify and clarify the problem.
  2.  Brainstorm the possible solutions/options, to solve your unique problem.
  3.  Carefully examine each option.
  4.  Choose the most effective available option (not the easiest or quickest).
  5. Then, practice it!

 Work it! 

 Replace the old behavior with the new!

             As your coach, I assist and guide you in each step, lend support, and act as your advocate as you practice your new approach to the situation.

But, how can you trust me to be your coach; to actively listen, ask the right questions and maintain confidentiality? It’s simple- talk to me!

Call me to schedule a one hour, no charge, sample phone session. This will give you the opportunity to see if coaching is right for you, and to ensure that you find me helpful and trustworthy.

There is no further obligation; unless you want my help to invest in making necessary, effective change.  


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