Let’s Retire Happy!

Possible Issues?
  • Boredom?
  • Miss the team?
  • Friends aren’t retired?
  • Partner still working?
  • Should I Volunteer?
  • Do I Work part time?
  • Hobbies?
  • Passion(s)?
  • (Fill in the blank) ____________________.

  • Board Certified M.D./Psychiatrist (retd.)
  • CTA Certified Life Coach
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  • Certifed Life Coach (2016-Present)
  • USF Department of Psychiatry , Associate Professor, 25 years
  • Emeritus Professor, USF (2010-present)
  • Individual and Group Therapist (25 years)
  • US Navy (4 years)

My 5 Step Coaching Process
Coaching Colaboration
  1.  Identify and clarify the problem.
  2.  Brainstorm possible options to resolve the problem.
  3.  Carefully examine all options.
  4.  Choose the most effective option.(not the easiest or quickest!)
  5. Then, practice it! -with coaching support and accountability.


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Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy life on your terms.

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Success in retirement is different for everyone. You are unique and what makes you happy and cormfortable in retirement is entirely different than anyone else’s retirement.

About Us!

The Us above is you and me working together; colaborating by phone, video, or face-to-face to help you create a comfortable, enjoyable retirement life. Everyone’s retirement is unique. Yours should be what you want and deserve.

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