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I do coach anyone about virtually anything; however, I specialize in helping retired or soon-to-be retired professionals make a transition from a demanding career to a well balanced, happier and healthier retirement life.

Retirement Coaching helps brainstorm issues such as:

  • Relationships and new friends
  • Boredom; not necessary
  • Miss the “team”
  • Isolation
  • Doing something-but what?
  • Limitations, I used to be so good at ____________.
  • Money
  • +__________ (your unique issue!)

If you find yourself stuggling with any of the above, contact me now to get more details to start working on how to better manage or or resolve the issue.

  • Call 813-833-6467 or email me at:
  • jackzakthelifecoach@gmail.com

The first one hour phone session is free!

I’d be happy to help you bring new, useful ideas to the table concerning your continued growth, comfort and happiness.

Here’s a little about me:

I am a retired M.D., Psychiatrist, Emeritus Professor, at the University of South Florida and now own my own CTA cerified Life Coaching business; happily married for 35 years. Previous careers: Rock Drummer for 4 years; U.S. Navy for 4 years; Microbiologist for 4 years.

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