Personal Life Coach

I am an Emeritus Professor at the University of South Florida and now own my own Personal Coaching business. I coach anyone with virtually any issue that might have them “stuck”.

And one of my specialities is helping retired and soon to be retired individuals make a successful transition from their demanding work lives to happy, well balanced retirement life.


Thirty year career as a psychiatrist at the Department of Psychiatry, USF Medical School
For the last several years of my career at USF I was the Director of Clinical Services for the Department of Psychiatry.

Personal Life Coach since 2016

Who should you trust to help achieve a more balanced, comfortable life?

If you don’t know me, you have no reason to trust me!

I can tell you how trustworthy I am, but that doesn’t mean much of anything. To trust me, or not, you must get to know me; at least to some degree.  Trust is either gained or lost by what we do, not necessarily by what we say.  

Trust is a vital component in all healthy relationships.  Without trust, a relationship is at best in jeopardy and at worst, doomed.  We all have many types of relationships: as a partner, a parent, a friend, a daughter, a son, an employee, a boss, a client, a patient, a sibling, a coach, etc.

So who can you trust to help resolve a problem that is causing frustration and discomfort?  If you could just figure out how to better manage or eliminate a problem that is blocking you from moving forward, your life could be a bit more comfortable, a bit more enjoyable.

Five steps on how you solve or manage a dilemma:  

  1.  Identify and clarify the problem.
  2.  Identify the possible solutions/options, to solve your unique problem.
  3.  Carefully examine each viable option.
  4.  Choose the most effective, most viable option,  (not the easiest; not the quickest; but the most effective).
  5. Then practice it. 

In the above list, you are the one that tackles each step to address a problem; not your friend, partner, clergy, co-worker, or for that matter, your life coach.  However; as your coach I assist you in each step, lend support, and be your advocate as you practice your new approach to the situation.

But, how can you trust that I am the person to be your coach; to actively listen, ask the right questions and maintain confidentiality?  The answer is simple; talk to me!

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